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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Where I've been

As faithful readers of this blog have pointed out, I have been less than regular in posting in the past month.

One reason has been physical. I've had recurring and intensifying shoulder pain, which kept me off the computer. Bodywork from my favourite healers, Jan Dederick and Leland Thunes, helped enormously. But the pain kept coming back. This week, a wonderfully generous friend gave me the gift of a session with applied kinesiologist, Dr. Mitchell Corwin, which was nothing short of miraculous. He diagnosed the problem as bicipital tendonitis, discovered a number of other exacerbating muscular strains and distortions, and (fingers crossed) addressed them all. Yaay Neural Organization Work!

The other reason has been work. I've been ridiculously busy, to the point of overwhelm, since I got back from Sundance. Each day, I'm confronted with the fact that I have more projects on my plate than I can handle, even working 16-hour days. So my top priority right now is re-evaluating my priorities. Making difficult choices about where I really want to put my time and my energy. And even more difficult choices about what to drop. Learning and practising the skill of saying No.

All tips and advice will be gratefully received :-)


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